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When it comes to good food in Dar es Salaam Tanzania, Universe Bar & Restaurant has to come to your mind. We specialize in authentic African dishes as well as variety of other cuisines. We provide great quality food in a classy and quiet environment accompanied by slow African Music. We also offer grill as well as a Banquet. If you need our catering services please give us a call and we’ll work out the arrangements.

Fine dining does not have to barn hole in your pocket, we take pride in bringing you the true taste of Africa right here in Dar es Salaam Tanzania for an unbeatable price.

You will see a smiling face always happy to serve you the most delicious food. If you’re the first time to visit Africa in Particular Tanzania, and our Bar and Restaurant we will be happy to assist you in choosing the right food which will suit your taste.


The best African Food in Dar es Salaam.

The diverse flavors from ’The Land Of Gold' came to the beautiful land of Tanzania when Philbert and Imani decided to open a Bar and Restaurant in Dar es Salaam to serve the delicious African food nearby Dar es Salaam International Airport and its neighborhood.

You never get tired of eating here as all the ingredients used are natural. Tanzanian cuisine and cookery is diverse, and includes an assortment of soups and stews with varied sea foods and most Tanzanian soups are prepared with vegetables, meat, poultry or fish. Fish is important in the Tanzanian diet with tilapia, roasted and fried whitebait, smoked fish and crayfish all being common components of Tanzanian dishes. Ugali is a common Tanzanian starchy food made from ground corn (maize).

Universe Bar and Restaurant is located near in the neighborhood Dar es Salaam International Airport. It is within the premises of St. Augustino Catholic Church Parish, where security of visitors has been taken in a high priority the place is very pleasant and cook area. The management of the Bar and Restaurant is proud to announce to all visitors, that this Bar & Restaurant has the most extensive food and beverage varieties in the country and all embracing the health food concepts in preparation, serving and presentation. It is best suited for small to medium gatherings, family come together, or individuals who just want to enjoy an open air ambient to quench the thirst or to enjoy ones favorites drink and dish not always found in the country. We have astonishing national and international cuisines and specialties, that once visited, one makes true promises to come again. For international guests, the management is always there to assist you to book the right hotel in the city or within the country in all regions.

In order to get fresh food, please send your order through order form in this website which is available on Menu page or you send via Contact Us page or you send direct to the following emails:

fbagaya@gmail.com, and mwendamseke@gmail.com. We will be happy to Assist you get a car of your choice to drive you along Dar es Salaam and across the Country.

The role of a good cook ware in the preparation of a sumptuous meal cannot be over emphasized then one consider white bread


We use fresh ingredients to cook your food, which is more healthy as all nutrients still alive. Please place your order in advance so that we can order ingredients from the market.


Place your order we shall deliver it in 30 minutes, within 3 kilometers from Universe Bar & Restaurant.



Customer Feedback are the Healthy to our Business “Universe Bar & Restaurant”. Business always start small with a lot of challenges and grow bigger after overcome those challenges, our focus is to start small and grow bigger, in order to grow bigger our customer feedback are highly required. You can send me your feedback to my email: fbagaya@gmail.com or you call/whatsapp me through my mobile number +255754464744, I will be happy work to all feedback will be receive from my customers in order to improve the quality of the Services.

Philbert Bagaya

Words from the Director

I would like to welcome you to our bar & restaurant and assure you that the food you are about to enjoy is of the freshest quality.The success of our style of cooking depends on the very best ingredients being treated in the simplest way to enhance their natural flavors. The special meals are prepared to order except general simple foods of which are pre-cooked, please allow a little time so that our qualified chefs can ensure your meal is prepared with expertise and care.
If at any time we are unable to serve you an item which appears on the menu, it is only because it wasn’t available fresh on the day.

Imani Mwendamseke

Core Director

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